General Chemistry I at Stan State

General Chemistry I at Stan State

Dr. Stone, ude.natsusc|enotsk#ude.natsusc|enotsk, N358 Office hours:F 12-1
Book:  Chemistry  by Gilbert, Kirss, Foster, Bretz, Davies, 5th edition.  ISBN: 978-0-393-264845
You will need access to Smartwork5, the online homework for this book.


Syllabus for Fall and Syllabus for Discussion

Materials to prepare for Exam 1:

  1. The Power of Zeros aka: The Power of the Decimal. Worksheet to accompany this whiteboard lesson. Names and numbers: Quiz yourself!
  2. Power point slides for significant figures Practice problems
  3. Density slides
  4. Whiteboard lesson: Density
  5. Balance Reading and significant figures
  6. How to Calculate Percent Abundance,
  7. End of chapter problems: 1.1-1.40, 1.49-1.51, 1.54-1.74, 1.79-1.86, 1.90, 1.93, 1.100
  8. End of chapter problems: 2.1-2.48, 2.57-2.68, 2.71-2.96, 2.106
  9. Smartwork5: sign up for our class, see instructions above, do homework for Chapters 1 and 2.

Materials to prepare for Exam 2

Materials to use to study for Exam 3:

  1. End of chapter problems for Chapter 4: 1, 2,3,4,5,6,9,11,13,15,17,21,23,25,27,29,31,37,39,41,43,49,51,53,55,57,59,61,63,65,69,71,75,77,81,87,91,9599,101,103,105,107,109,111,115,119
  2. Smartwork5, chapter 4
  3. Watch the videos on the site for the book.
  4. Solubility Rules, quizlet I
  5. Practice using the solubility rules, quizlet II
  6. Practice for solubility rules Answers
  7. Practice for Summer 2016 quiz and here are the answers
  8. practice for net ionic equations and solubility rules answers
  9. Balance Redox Equations
  10. Practice for Redox and answers
  11. Smartwork is due Wednesday Oct 11th. Here is some help.
  12. Notes for Balancing Redox reactions.
  13. A white board Redox Lesson

Materials to use to study for Exam 4:

  1. End of Chapter 5 problems: 2,7,10, 18,19,20,27 (more gas = more expansion)33,37,39,43,47,49,51,53,55,57,61,65,67,69,71,73,75,77,78,81,83,85,87,89,92,93,94,
  2. Smartwork5, Chapter 5
  3. Whiteboard lesson: How much ice is needed?
  4. Practice Exam
  5. End of Chapter 6 problems: 2,3,4,5,13,15,16,17,18,31,43,47,57,67,73,77,78,99,100,103,105,115,121,131
  6. Smartwork5, Chapter 6
  7. Answers to 1100-Discussion Worksheet:

1. Final temp, Tf = 32 degrees C 2. -373.3kJ/mol 3. -108.6 kJ/mol 4. -1.9 kJ/mol 5. -906.3 kJ/mol

Materials to use to study for Exam 5:

  1. End of Chapter 7 problems:11,15,16,17,18,31,41,45,103,105
  2. Smartworks, Chapter 7
  3. Old quiz from Practice for Quiz10,Summer 2015 answers
  4. light, waves and matter there is about a two minute period of dead air (at time = 1:57). (Sorry.)
  5. End of Chapter 8 problems:9,12,13,109,127,129,131,133, 140,141
  6. Smartworks, Chapter 8
  7. Practice for formal charge, resonance and shapes(Chapter 9).answers
  8. Smartworks, Chapter 9
  9. End of Chapter 9 problems:49,50

#Note: in a molecule with double or triple bonds, the first bond is a sigma bond, the rest of the bonds are pi bonds. After supper (sigma) you get pie (pi bonds). In nitrogen, N2, the first bond is a sigma bond, the other two are pi bonds.

  1. # Great site for VSEPR!


This program will report a percentage of all possible points earned for all of the homework assignments. This percentage will be multiplied by 1.0 to get the points that will be added to your CHEM 1100 score. For example, if your total percentage for SmartWork5 is 78.2%:
78.2% x 1 = 78.2 points

Assignments are not accepted after the due date. If you miss a deadline, you forfeit the points and that will decrease your overall percentage.

Here is the URL for the online homework:

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This video shows how to sign up for Smartwork5
More directions are on this page.


Your discussion instructor will determine how points are earned in each discussion. These points will be submitted to Dr. Stone as decimal of the total possible points in your discussion. That decimal will be multiplied by 100 to get your discussion points.


Grades will be posted on blackboard.

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