1102 Lab Schedule Summer 2015

Lab Syllabus: Syllabus for CHEM 1102 Summer 2015

Date Lab Due date
June 8 Check-in, Syllabus, Lab Notebook, Data Analysis & ExcelData Analysis and Excel and Volume, Mass and Density and Calipers June 10
June 10 Separation of the Components of a Mixture June 15
June 15 Empirical Formula of Magnesium Oxide June 17
June 17 Identification of an Unknown Substance I June 22
June 22 Identification of an Unknown Substance II June 29
June 24 Service Learning at Salvation Army Summer Program for Kids
June 29 Acid-Base Titrations July 1
July 1 Determination of Calcium Carbonate July 6
July 6 Emission and Absorption Spectroscopy July 8
July 8 Enthalpy of a Chemical Reaction July 13
July 13 Molar Volume of a Gas and Check-out July 15
July 15 Turn-in Lab Notebooks @ 1:00 PM


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