Mole Map

Grams —>moles —>moles —>grams!

1. Lead(II) nitrate reacts with sodium chloride to form lead(II) chloride and sodium nitrate. How much lead(II) chloride can be made from 5.00 grams of sodium chloride and an excess of lead(II) nitrate?

This is a "Mole Map" problem: start with the grams of sodium chloride and convert them into moles of sodium chloride and then convert those moles into moles of lead(II) chloride that are then converted into grams of lead(II) chloride.

  1. sodium chloride grams to moles = divide starting grams by molar mass of sodium chloride
  2. sodium chloride moles to moles of lead(II) chloride = multiply the above answer by the mole ratio in the balanced equation
  3. moles of lead(II) chloride to grams of lead(II) chloride= multiply the above answer by the molar mass of lead(II) chloride.


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