Practice for Elements and Energy
  1. What is the symbol for the element named after the Polish woman who discovered and named Polonium?
  2. What is the symbol for an alkaline earth metal that has 12 electrons in a neutral atom?
  3. If a car (2,100 lbs) is traveling at 80 mph, what is its kinetic energy?
  4. If a truck (5,000) lbs is traveling at 50 mph, what is its kinetic energy?
  5. What is the kinetic energy of an electron (9.109 x 10-31 kg) traveling at 3.03 x 107 m/sec?
  6. What group of elements reacts violently with water?

Be sure to try the practice problems on the Engrade site. You need a password and login, for Engrade, so send an email to Dr. Stone if you don't have yours.
Answers for Elements and Energy Practice

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