Quiz 2 Summer 2014

CHEM 1100 Summer 2014 Dr. Stone Quiz 2 Name___
Show all of your work. All answers must be in scientific notation with the correct number of significant figures and the correct units. This is a 15 minute quiz. Show all of your work. Each question is worth 2 points.

Kinetic Energy, K.E. = ½mv2
J = kgm2/sec2
28.350 g = ounce
2.54 cm = inch
6.2 x 10-1miles = 1 km

1. Dr. Stone wants new tile in her kitchen! The tile comes in squares that are 2.0 x 10.1 cm on each side. How many squares should she buy to cover a 5.0 ft by 12 ft kitchen floor?

2. Some reactions occur very fast, if a reaction takes 2.8 x 102 ns, how many seconds is this?

3. A lithium atom is approximately 2.87 x 102 pm in diameter, how many lithium atoms are needed to form a line that is 3.2 cm long?

4. Convert 4.5 x 109 pm3 to m3

5. Give the name and symbol for a noble gas.

6. Give the name and symbol for a halogen.

7. Give the name and symbol for a metalloid

8. What group of elements contains all diatomic molecules at STP (Standard Temperature and Pressure)?

9. Ian Kennedy set off a huge donnybrook by throwing a fastball that hit Zack Greinke in the head. What is the kinetic energy of a 5.2 ounce baseball traveling at 95 miles per hour?

10. What group of metals reacts violently with water?

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