Digital Product Registration and Purchase

Your class is currently participating in a class test of Norton digital products. You can register for these digital
products for free by selecting “I want to view purchase and class test access options”. Note that this free option
does not include unlimited access to the ebook; you can register a code or purchase access to the ebook if you
1. Visit your book’s digital landing page:
2. Click the green button in the center of the page.
3. Select “No, I need to register, purchase, or sign up for trial access.”
4. Enter your name, school email, and create a password.
5. As you complete registration, you’ll have the following access options:
1. If you already have a registration code,
enter your registration code and click “Register my Code.”
2. If you want to purchase digital product access online or view class test options,
select “I want to view purchase and class test access options.”
6. The first time you access an activity from the landing page, you’ll be asked to enter a Student Set ID
Our Student Set ID is: 59175

Need help? Contact Norton Customer Support at
Our representatives will help you via live chat once you submit a request form. Be
sure to provide us with the following:

  • Your school: Stan State
  • Your instructor’s name: Dr. Koni Stone
  • Your section name: General Chemistry I
  • Your Student Set ID number, if you have one: 59175

Or view our Help Notes at

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